Hidden Rivers (2018)
Rivers have run through our civilisations like strings through beads since the beginning of time.
Rivers tell a story of the land and the people who loved, laughed, struggled, fought and crossed the river before us. Today they are largely hidden, tucked away beyond the promenades, city roads and industrial no-man’s land where they are all-too-often only glimpsed from a driver’s seat. Some of them pass invisibly underground through our cities, others branch out into open fields but each one tells a story about the land and the people they pass on their way to the sea.
From the waterline passers-by become like Lowry’s painted matchstick men; their characteristics washed away in the flow. The view from underwater reframes this perspective, inviting questions about how the fates of these environments are intertwined.
In 2018 Northern Europe experienced one of the hottest and driest summers on record whilst demand for water continues to grow.