Featuring celebrities including Rita Ora, Amanda Holden, Katie Price, Tom Daley, Tulisa, silver medalist – Keri-Anne Payne and Deco de Souza for Umbro.
US Swimming medalists, Tyler Clary and Jessica Hardy photographed for ‘Built With Chocolate Milk’ and singer/song writers, Andrea Berg, Gintare and Justine Suissa for Oceanlab.
Rita Ora underwater for Sexy Fish Restaurant
“The aquatic photoshoot took place to promote the new restaurant which has now officially opened its doors. It was inspired by the restaurant’s private dining room The Coral Reef Room’ which houses the largest live coral reef tank in the world.” – Daily Mail
Katie Price underwater for Sky
Commercial and stills campaign commissioned by Sky Living
Tyler Clary and Jessica Hardy
Backstage for ‘Built With Chocolate Milk’ Campaign.
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