The Tempest – Birmingham Royal Ballet

A campaign for the Birmingham Royal Ballet to promote their newest stage production of The Tempest.  Featuring the immensely talented dancers of the BRB and created by their visionary director David Bintley.  The Sea Nymphs dance in an underwater storm, staging magic and mystery. The Tempest stage production comes to Sadlers Wells, London October 2016.

The Tempest

Interview with Canon Professional Network Magazine

Zena Holloway’s pictures have adorned the pages of the most glamorous magazines defining the most flamboyant advertising campaigns. CPN writer Mark Alexander finds out how Canon’s 4K filmmaking DSLR has taken her photography to new depths. 
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Doors opened today for Zena Holloway’s exhibition.
Scroll through the pictures above to see inside.
1st July – 25th September 2017.



….its on the move again…. This time to the charming coastal city of Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. Thank you to the organisers at The Hankyoreh for working tirelessly to present the work in such a world class style.


Philosophers, historians, biologists and artists will give life to this event, which aims to be a bridge between science and art, two worlds which aren’t very well acquainted but have always been mutually attracted to each other. The exhibition will be a unique event with a great media coverage, having – among others – the aim of raising awareness on the serious problems caused by marine ecosystem pollution, while embodying the will of educating people in the aquatic environment protection.
“Art Mode Design – Esthetique et Philosophie du mond aquatique” will be held at the Museum of the Porte Dorée in Paris from 29th February 2016 to 3rd July 2016.

THE TEMPEST – Birmingham Royal Ballet

Last week I worked with the Birmingham Royal Ballet: Check out the pool building windows which distorted through the water surface giving the illusion of a classic tall ship with sails. Given that we were shooting for the production of The Tempest it was quite an amazing stroke of luck!
Thank you to the immensely talented dancers and to the BRB’s visionary director David Bintley.
The Tempest stage production opens October 1st, 2016, Birmingham Hippodrome.