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Amanda Holden for PETA

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Surround Me with Water, Presentation in China

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Underwater Ballet from the Tempest

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Couronne Campaign *Another Space

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RITA ORA FLAUNTS – She’s some-fin else!

Daily Mail: She’s an award-winning singer with a blossoming acting career to boot. But superstar Rita Ora, 24, added another string to her bow recently as she was snapped in her first underwater shoot by photographer Zena Holloway.Read More


Hello people of Seoul!
Thank you for such a generous reception at The Seoul Art Centre in June. It has been a very great pleasure to visit South Korea and present my latest work.

Summer in the Bahamas: The story from Wise Guise

Dive beneath the scenes of our underwater fashion shoot in the Bahamas. Words by Damian Foxe and Millicent Simon
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