Fashion photography using an iphone for an underwater camera. Part of an art exhibit titled 'immersion'

погружение exhibits at the Museum of Moscow from 04.10-2018-31.10.2018


Museum of Moscow from 04.10.2018-31.10.2018, created with the iphone X

The aim of the show is to challenge the technical boundaries of modern image making. All works have been captured underwater with the iphoneX inside the Axisgo housing. The show combines printed photos, live digital photography and a major video where the audience is transported to an underwater world and involved in a multimedia installation activity, featuring photography, video and music.

Inspired by Sadko and the Russian legend that in every river lives a nymph whose spirit takes the shape of a human form. The cast play shadowy doppelgängers as well as beautiful, but fragile river nymphs and the narrative asks questions about the struggle of good with evil in the pursuit of light.
The exhibition was produced in cooperation with Re:store, Moscow and was one of the winning projects at the Mobile Photo Awards 2018.

Explore the backstage view in this


 Here’s how to interact: if you are using a handheld device (phone or tablet) you can use your finger to move the video left, right, up or down. you can also tilt your device with the same effect. If you are on a desktop computer or laptop, use the mouse to move the video around.

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