Advertising for the Vattern Exhibition in Sweden feature photography by Zena Holloway

The clear, clean water of Lake Vättern has been renowned since ancient times. It is not uncommon to be able to see down to a depth of 15 metres. The unusual clarity is due to a relatively small catchment area and a large average depth of 40m. It has a retention time of around 60 years; a raindrop falling into the lake takes this much time to eventually reach Motala Ström and the sea.

Vättern’s clear water inspired a collaboration between photographer, Zena Holloway and UponWalls Gallery to create an educational, public art exhibit about the unique creatures that live in the lake. With the help of the County Administrative Board in Jönköping they produced the exhibit to show what lies beneath the surface of Europe’s fifth largest lake. 

Public art exhibit June 28 – October 22 in collaboration with  UpOnWalls Gallery, Hjo, Sweden.

The exhibit is outside at Samskoleparken in Hjo, Sweden.
Entrance is free.

view the exhibit