Zena Holloway’s pictures have adorned the pages of the most glamorous magazines defining the most flamboyant advertising campaigns. CPN writer Mark Alexander finds out how Canon’s 4K filmmaking DSLR has taken her photography to new depths.

Take a large body of water and a precise piece of kit like a camera, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster… or so you would think. But if you add the talents of Zena Holloway into the mix, you’re likely to end up with an extraordinary set of images that elegantly cross the boundaries between fashion and fantasy, sport and art.

Holloway’s skills are bountifully apparent in her entrancing work, which wanders the worlds of editorial, celebrity, sport, fashion and lifestyle. Her images are commercial and also abundantly beautiful in colour, texture and composition. The fact she does all her work totally submerged in water makes her images and her craft all the more extraordinary.

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