Zena Holloway is an underwater photographer and director. Her work deviates from the stereotypical directness associated with underwater photography, as she strives to push the boundaries of her imagination and the limits of creativity. The result is truly magical imagery that has resulted in worldwide acclaim.

“Water has enabled me to fly with eagle rays, dance with dolphins and come face to face with some particularly spectacular sharks. I’ve uncovered 18th century skeletons, and priceless antiquities, hitchhiked on submarines and taught a few mermaids how to pose along the way. I like to think of the water as my canvas and the light as the paint. My goal is always to find the heart of every project and allow the water to bring the magic.”

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Zena Holloway (born 1973 in Bahrain) is an underwater photographic artist living in London.  Self-taught, her work deviates from the stereotypical imagery associated with underwater photography. For Holloway the underwater landscape serves as a backdrop, using cinematic drama and painterly aesthetics, she directs her models along themes of universal human experiences: love, loss, intimacy and romance.

“Water acts like a leveller, stripping us back to the bare essentials. Underwater, there’s no reflection on the eyes as the water mixes with the liquid surface, like it’s washing away the mask we wear on land. But what really intrigues me is something deeper. For some reason, many people express themselves in an incredibly natural, intuitive way, becoming perfect subjects for telling stories through body language. It might be a heightened sense of self that comes from near-weightless suspension. Or perhaps it’s the restricted visibility and the dreamlike environment that makes us less inhibited. Maybe it’s just something that connects with our very, very distant past. The chances are, it all plays a part and the effect is made even more magical by the visually transformative effects of water.”

“Zena is more than capable of weaving her magic in almost any location where water is present… she is able to create different scenes that cause us to question everything we know about the water”

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Zena first gained recognition as a fine art photographer in 2005 with “swansong”. Since then her unique style of photography has led to many solo and group exhibitions including:
Musée de la Porte Dorée, Paris, 29th February – 3rd July 2016, curator Egle Barone Visigalli
Daegu MBC, South Korea – solo show, 9th June – 25th September 2016
Changwon Cultural Foundation, South Korea – solo show, 20th December 2015 – 3rd March 2016
Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan, South Korea – solo show, 15th September – 15th November 2015
Busan Cinema Center, South Korea – solo show, 9th March – 6th August 2015
Seoul Arts Center, South Korea – solo show, 4th July – 7th September 2015
Saatchi Gallery, London –  “Swansong” group show 2014
Calken Gallery, London – “Swansong” group show 2014
Bo.Lee Gallery, UK – “Swansong” solo show 2012
Tatar Gallery, Canada – “Swansong” 2011
Schouwburg, Netherlands – “Swansong” 2011
The Hospital, London – “Swansong” 2010

Museum Porte Dorée, Paris
Museum Porte Dorée, Paris

29th February 2016 - 3rd July 2016.

Art Mode Design - Esthetique et Philosophie du mond aquatique

Changwon, South Korea
Changwon, South Korea

Spring 2016

A young Korean woman - Yeonjeong- poses with an image from the exhibit

The Trump Hotel, Toronto
The Trump Hotel, Toronto


Angel 2 - XL signed, limited edition print.

Seoul Art Centre
Seoul Art Centre

July 2015 - September 2015